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Since the development of the Changwon National Industrial Complex in 1974, Changwon has grown as an economic center of Korea. However, Changwon city has no any financial or economic index to indicate the current economic situation of Changwon. Lack of financial capabilities at local government level is Changwon city's Achilles'' heel. So Changwon city has to enhance the financial infrastructure. That's the reason why Changwon Chamber of Commerce & Industry developed the Changwon Mechatronics Index. The Changwon Mechatronics Index(CMI), which was developed and launched in May 2010 by Changwon Chamber of Commerce & Industry, contributes to assess the local economic situation of Changwon city as the center of mechatronics industry in Korea.
The Changwon Mechatronics Index(CMI) has been operated by the Changwon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The city government of Changwon has supported the operation of the Changwon Mechatronics Index financially. Changwon Mechatronics Index(CMI) became the first local based stock index in Korea.

What is the Changwon Mechatronics Index?

Changwon Mechatronics Index (CMI) is a Changwon city-based stock market capitalization-weighted index composed of companies primarily involved in the machinery, electricity and electronics, transportation equipment, and iron and metal industry.

Changwon Mechatronics Index is designed to represent the leading companies in each of 4 industry sectors covering the KOSPI market and KOSDAQ market.

The index indicates the flows of stock prices of the listing companies of Changwon's 4 main industry sectors unlike the market indices reflecting the overall market such as KOSPI and KOSDAQ etc. The index was set to an initial value of 1000 on January 4, 2000.

※ Data and information on the Changwon Mechatronics Index website are provided for the purpose of improving availability of information on the listed companies within Changwon area, not for investment and not for trading securities.
In spite of the efforts made in ensuring the accuracy of data and information, the Changwon Mechatronics Index recognizes that unintentional and chance errors and delays occur. The Changwon Mechatronics Index is not responsible for any loss resulted from the investments made using the data and information provided on its website.


Base Date : 2000. 1. 4
Date Introduced : 2010. 5. 19
Base Value : 1000
Calculation Interval : 24 hours
High(2014 year) : 4,857.19
Low(2014 year) : 3,554.55

5 year Historical Performance (2009 ~ 2014)



  • 2015 Jan. 2 Launched The Changwon Mechatronics Index Homepage
  • 2012 Jul. 6 Registered Trade / Service Mark
  • 2010 May. 19 Started publishing the Changwon Mechatronics Index and hold Opening Ceremony at KRX (Seoul)


As of December 31, 2014, there were 47 listed companies represented in the index. The index is reported everyday on the changwon mechatronics index website.

KOSPI KOSDAQ Changwon Factory
Doosan Engine
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
GMB Korea
Hyundai BNG Steel
Hyundai Rotem
Hyundai Wia
KR Motors
S&T Corporation
S&T Dynamics
Samsung Climate Control
Samsung Techwin
STX Corporation
STX Engine
STX Heavy Industries
Yeong Hwa Metal
Young Heung Iron & Steel
Daesung Finetec
Dong Bang Ship Machinery
Energy & Machinery Korea
Gyeongnam Steel
Hanil Forging
Hansol Seentec
Inhwa Precision
Nara Mold & Die
Sambo Industrial
Samhyun Steel
Samwon Tech
Shinsung Delta Tech
Sungwoo Techron
Woorim machinery
Woosu AMS
Daewon Kang Up
Doosan Infracore
DY Power
Hwacheon Machinery
Hyundai Mobis
LG Electronics Inc.
Manho Rope & Wire
Oriental Precision & Engineering
Poongsan Holdings
S&T Motiv
SeAH Steel
Sebang Global Battery
Sewon Cellontech